Talking Points: 12 Odd Japanese Safety & Traffic Cones



According to 3yen, these Buddha safety cones were conceived by Fusao Hasegawa as an art project. The design doesn’t appear to be blasphemous, since a host of temples and shrines now employ the heavenly cones to dissuade drivers from parking in reserved temple parking lots. For God’s sake, park somewhere else!

Our Lady of Safe Construction


Students at Tohoku University in Sendai are undoubtedly girl-watchers so why not just go with that when embarking upon some construction work? The slip-on cone disguise captured by Flickr user Bethany Weeks above charmingly advises all and sundry that construction vehicles get the right of way.

Right to Bear Arms




Wouldn’t orange safety cones be more appropriate for an area of light pavement backed by a pale wall? Nuh-uh… this long line of white cones is much more noticeable thanks to their goofy “faces” and black cable “arms”. Who knows what’s being built behind the wall but one would hope they keep the cones, snapped by blogger Daifukumochi in May of 2015, after the work is done.

Madonna Chick-Cone


The Chicken House restaurant in Fujinomiya wants your visit to be a memorable one – and one look at this rooster-riffic safety cone will solve that issue while fueling many memorable nightmares to come! Blogger Freezard visited the charmingly eerie eatery in December of 2013.