Wood Could: 12 Unlikely Timber-Based Transportation Designs

Hand-Carved Oak Motorcycle
wood transit hand carved oak

wood transit hand carved oak 2

wood transit hand carved oak 3

wood transit hand carved oak 4

It took over two years for Russian craftsman Dmitry Gubenko to finish lovingly hand-carving all of the extraordinary details on this oak motorcycle, and it’s not hard to see why. Different textures and motifs can be spotted on virtually ever part, including the headlamp, saddle and fenders.

Japanese Car Made Entirely of Wood
japanese wooden car 3

japanese wooden car 2

japanese wooden car 1

Made by Japanese wood experts Sada-Kenbi, the ‘Maniwa’ car is actually drivable, powered by a 175cc engine that can go up to 50mph. The single-seater can accommodate rear passengers and features a fun pair of gull-wing doors. It’s street legal and sells for around $30,000.

Wood Bug with Oak Shingle Scales
wood transit but

wood transit bug 2

wood transit bug 3

This is no nonfunctional replica – it’s a real, fully operational Volkswagen Bug built by Momir Bojic of Bosnia. Taking around a year to complete, it’s covered in approximately 20,000 scales made of oak.

Wooden Vespa
wood transit vespa

wood transit vespa 2

wood vespa 4

wood vespa 5

Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto made this beautiful wooden Vespa for his daughter, hiding all of the mechanical parts behind beautifully hand-crafted and polished hardwoods in warm hues. Check out those wheels!