Wood Could: 12 Unlikely Timber-Based Transportation Designs

Wooden Motorcycle
wood transit motorcycle carlos alberto

Before completing the Vespa, the same carpenter made this all-wood motorcycle with a somewhat more modern style, in this case leaving the mechanical parts visible to contrast with the handcrafted frame.

Tyrane II Wooden Sports Car
wood transit tyrane

wood transit tyrane 2

Constructed using boatbuilding techniques, the Tyrane II wooden sports car by Friend Wood is crafted from streets of veneer and epoxy resin. It boasts a 602cc flat twin air-cooled Citroen engine and can zip along at 100mph. Weighing 900 pounds, it’s reportedly all for the pleasure of the creator, and is not for sale.

The Splinter Wood Supercar
wood transit splinter

wood transit splinter 2

wood transit splinter 3

wood transit splinter 4

Inspired by a WWII airplane called the De Havilland Mosquito, the Splinter by Joe Harmon Design is a high-performance supercar with a body, chassis, suspension, wheels and interior made from wood. Strips of veneer are woven into a cloth to achieve the compound curvature required by the car’s sleek silhouette. Its powertrain is based on a small black 7.0 liter V8 engine connected to a six-speed manual transmission. The whole thing took about five years for a team to build.

Functional Wooden Chopper
wood transit chopper 1

wood transit chopper 2

Functional wooden choppers with real horn handlebars made by Eastern European enthusiasts appear to be a thing – here’s yet another one by Hungarian craftsman Istvan Puskas. Made from black locust wood with bull horn exhausts and deer antler decorations, the bike has a Fiat motor and a wooden barrel for a gas tank.