Small Space Shape Shifters: 13 Transforming Furniture Designs


Shrinking Carbon Fiber Bookshelf

space saving nendo nest

space saving nendo nest 3

Pull out or push in either side of the Nest shelving unit by Nendo to multiply or divide its available space. Made with carbon fiber reinforcement, it’s incredibly strong despite its lightweight, and is 4.25 feet wide when fully extended. It’s especially well suited for the hopeful beginner book collector, who can start by housing a modestly-sized collection and expand the shelf as it grows.

Modular Pop-Up House

space saving modular 1

space saving modular 2

space saving modular 3

54 modular divider units made of recycled OSB boards unfold and unpack like old traveling trunks, yet stand floor-to-ceiling within a room like walls or built-in furniture to serve as dividers, closets, beds, workspaces and more. This space-saving design full of fold-down elements is integrated into a small apartment, increasing the usable floor space for the bachelor resident by 27%.

Fold-Away All-in-One Home Workspace

space saving your position desk

space saving your position desk 2

All the elements of a workspace – including a fitness-enhancing standing desk – hang on a system of rails that can be pushed against a wall when you don’t need it with the ‘Your Position’ system by David Manning. The work surface, a planter, bulletin board, LED task light and storage racks are all integrated onto the rails, which can be folded at a right angle to create a corner unit.

BedUp Lowers From the Ceiling on Demand

space saving bedup

space saving bedup 2

space saving bedup 3

Gain even more space than you save with a Murphy bed by storing your mattress on the ceiling during the day. The Bed-Up by French manufacturer Décadrages hoists up with all of the bedding in place using a one-handed mechanism. But the coolest part is you can lower the bed to whatever height you desire, making it a loft, a captain’s bed with storage underneath, or a floor platform perfect for children.