Small Space Shape Shifters: 13 Transforming Furniture Designs


Minimalist Furniture Turns Into Room Dividers

space saving room dividers

space saving room dividers 2

Known for its minimalist designs, Japanese studio Nendo created this compact multifunctional patio furniture set for the brand Patio Petite. Each element in the collection, including three chairs and a table, fold up into partitions when not in use.

Hanging Chairs

hanging chairs 1

hanging chairs 2


When you don’t need them, Phillippe Malouin’s Hanger Chairs are easy to put out of the way – even in a tiny urban apartment. The slimline chair hangs on any clothes rod to store as efficiently as clothing, freeing up a much available space as possible.

Cube 6 Turns Into Six Stools

space saving cube 6

cube 6 4


You’ll always have seating for guests, even if you’re packing a party-sized group into a tiny space, with the Cube 6 by Naho Matsuno. Though it looks like no more than a footstool, the simple exterior hides a system of rails that enable the legs of six stools to slide into each other so the seats form the outer surfaces of the cube.

Small Home, Smart Home

space saving small home

space saving small home 2

space saving small home 3

space saving small home 4

Another custom-made tiny apartment, this one in Hong Kong by LAAB Architects, makes use of a space the size of an average American bedroom through clever transforming elements. The home manages to fit a bathtub, spacious kitchen, home cinema, storage and gym into 309 square feet. A television pulls out to face the living area when the kitchen isn’t needed, and the bathtub – tucked behind the couch – turns into additional seating. The couches also transform into guest beds, and the adjacent bookcase pulls out to create a privacy wall for the main bedroom. The couple even has three cat in this small space, and considered their needs, too, with a built-in catwalk, ladder and den.