A Silver Lining: 14 Cloud-Shaped Homes, Furnishings & Decor Designs

Plastic Bottle Cloud Shelter by StudioKCA




Over 50,000 plastic bottles come together to create ‘Head in the Clouds,’ a shelter by STUDIOKCA showing off the power of recycling. The number of bottles used represents the amount thrown away in a single hour in New York City. Arranged in a frame in a process that took more than 200 volunteers to a assemble, the shelter stands 40 feet tall and is capable of accommodating put o 50 people at a time.

Hanger Cloud for Belts & Ties By Mary Design


The perfect way to organize your belts, ties and other accessories in your closet or displayed on a wall, ‘Hanger Cloud’ by Mary Design is cuter than your average hanger.

Cloud Shaped Floor Lamp by Liping Zhao



Designer Liping Zhao envisions a fun lamp for a kid’s bedroom in the form of a cottony cloud, supported by a base so it can sit on the floor.

Rainmaker Plant Watering Cloud



Rain pours down from a cute little blue cloud you can attach to the end of a standard plastic soda bottle for a cute and inexpensive watering ‘can.’ Designed by Shahar Peleg, it’s available for purchase at Animi Causa for $10 with free shipping.