Odd Glory: A Salute To Offbeat American Flag Art





“See the USA in your Chevrolet!”… and don’t forget to save your license plates, fellow travelers. Mind you, you’ll need plenty of plates if your aim is a sharp & edgy license plate flag like the one above. Design Turnpike retails trimmed and mounted license plate flags like the ones above.

National Flagstime


America’s national banner meets America’s national pastime – a match made in heaven, or maybe Wrigley Field. Flickr user Dori Michel (Once-Upon-A-Dream) brings us this “hit” work of flag art comprising 260 red, white and blue tinted baseballs – none of them foul, by the way.



Artist Bailey Hayes takes the concept one step further, un-stitching used professional league baseballs and recycling both the flattened horsehide covers and the unwound string inside into uniquely American flags.

Starfish & Stripes



This “patriotic custom art piece” from Cergamic Custom Handmade Art Tiles measures 20″ by 29″ and is formed from a multitude of grouted 1″-square ceramic tiles. The red tiles feature a selection of sea shells, the blue ones sport starfish stars and the white tiles… are white as a nor’easter’s driven snow.

Americar The Beautiful



One does not simply build a 75′ wide by 19′ high American flag from 108 scrapped and crushed cars… it helps to be Razmik Nazaryan, who works at an auto recycling yard and evidently has a LOT of free time on his hands – er, don’t tell his boss. Nazaryan created his heavy metal masterpiece in honor of the Fourth of July, 2013. Now if only the car horns could be rigged to play The Star-Spangled Banner…