Well Wheeled: 12 Luxury Bike Accessories for the Discerning Cyclist

Handmade Leather Bicycle Bag


Handmade by a studio in Lithuania, this beautiful leather bag clamps onto three poles of your bike frame with rivets, so it’s time-consuming and difficult for thieves to remove in one piece. That’s a good thing, because if you want one, it’s gonna set you back over $500 from Etsy shop StudioImpossibilis.

Varia Vision by Garmin



The failure of Google Glass proves that most people don’t want to wear computers on their faces, but one time that it could be helpful is while riding a bike. The Garmin Varia Vision offers an alternative just for this purpose, mounting to the arm of your sunglasses. Its small display gives you riding stats, navigation and more just within your line of sight, so you can see the information while keeping your eyes on the road. It’s priced at $399.99

Tax 1500 Mad Wolf Headlamp



Billed as “the ultimate all-in-one bar light that outshines many car headlamps,” the Taz 1500 Mad Wolf emits 1500 lumens, making sure you can see on even the darkest of nights. It can even withstand submersion in water at depths of up to a meter, so no worries about it getting wet, even if you find yourself having to cross a river.

Velo Sock



Need to bring your bicycle into your apartment or office to keep it safe from theft? A product called the Velo Sock will keep it from tracking in mud, rain and road debris. The stretchy covers come in an array of prints, from peacock feathers and galactic scenes to trendy mustaches and good old solid black. It’s also useful when transporting your bike in the trunk of a car.