Well Wheeled: 12 Luxury Bike Accessories for the Discerning Cyclist

Moynat Bicycle Trunk



Heritage trunk and leather goods firm Moynat offers a bicycle trunk with a triple-curved bottom that fits over the front wheel and an exterior that calls Louis Vuitton’s signature print to mind. Made of waterproof canvas, it contains plates, cutlery, thermoses, porcelain goblets and a sandwich drawer. This thing has an incredible price tag of over $40,000 – and while the basket itself holds most of the value, a least it comes with a bike attached, almost as an afterthought. The item is only available via special order at the Parisian trunk maker’s London shop.

Fendi Bicycle with Fur


If you’re looking for luxury but your budget isn’t quite at Moynat levels, you could have your very own Fendi bicycle complete with a luxe fur case for $5,900. The Fendi Abici Amante Donna bicycle comes with a series of Fendi Seller accessories, including a key and bike chain cover and leather GPS navigation holder, but if you just want the case itself, it’s sold separately for $975.

Brooks Bicycle Saddles



Designer Kara Ginther creates fine handcrafted saddles at a price point that’s more achievable for most of us, ranging from $99 to $345. You purchase and ship your own Brooks bicycle saddle to the designer, specify your desired print or pattern, and you’ll receive a handcrafted work of art that’s fully usable (though you have tot make some extra care to avoid getting it wet.)

Buca Boot



Stylish and practical, the Buca Boot is a solid, lockable trunk that will keep your stuff dry and secure no matter where you go. It screws onto your bike and fits up to 25 pounds of gear, and the patent-pending locking mechanism secures both the front and back sides of the lids when closed and locked. Available in three colors for $225 each.