Angling for Warmth in Winter: 21 Ice Fishing Hut Designs

Ice Fishing Shack in Long Lake, Maine

Maine fishing hut

“You can tell a lot about a person by their ice shack,” says the Visit Maine website on a page encouraging ice fishing tourism. “Some are bare bones: tents or boxes just big enough to store gear, a chair and a heater to warm cold fingers. Others are miniature cabins, complete with kitchens, family photos on the walls and antler-decorated front porches like that of our friends in the video above.”

Saskatchewan Hut Made From a Shed



Lots of ice fishing enthusiasts modify sheds to use as their shacks. This example, dubbed “ice fishing shack… Saskatchewan style” is packed with all the comforts of home, including a satellite television, microwave, toaster oven, built-in tackle box storage, a wood stove, comfy chairs and other luxuries. Not too shabby.

Ice Fishing Hut with a Goat on the Roof


Spotted in Minnesota, this ice fishing hut design takes inspiration from Scandinavian cottages – it’s topped with an artificial grass roof and a fake goat.

Schoolhouse Hut


Another fishing hut in the same village is shaped like a traditional three-story schoolhouse, reportedly built by a pair of teachers.

Modular Prefab Igloo



The Igloo satellite cabin by Ice Wall comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including a smaller ‘Polypod Snowcamper’, which can be pulled around by ATVs. Designed to provide safe accommodation in remote areas, it’s used as shelter by researchers, explorers, tourists and fishermen, no matter how gnarly the weather in a given location may be. The walls and floors are made of fiberglass and polyurethane insulation, while windows are shockproof and double-glazed.

Naturally Camouflaged Ice Shanty


Okay, so obviously, this camouflage wasn’t intentional. Somebody’s ice fishing hut is looking like lodging for an abominable snowman after getting blasted with moisture in freezing weather. Still, all that ice is pretty insulating, so it’s probably warmer than you’d think inside.