Angling for Warmth in Winter: 21 Ice Fishing Hut Designs

Ice Fishing Hut Scale Models





These cute little scale models by artist David Trautrimas offer up inspiration for more modern fishing hut designs, with sleek silhouettes, interesting angles and eye-catching color schemes. The series of 22 models is made from baltic birch. What would more traditional fishermen think if they saw a hut like this out on the ice?

Home Sweet Ice Fishing Shack, Quebec


The tiny house movement meets ice fishing in this cute little Quebec shack, which looks just as twee as any miniature hippie abode featured on Portlandia.

Pop-Up Canvas Ice Shack




Anyone who doesn’t want to lug a heavy wood or metal-based structure around can get by pretty comfortably with a hut made of canvas, like this Northlander Cabin by Canvas Craft. It starts out as an oversized wooden suitcase, which unfolds to act as the floor of the hut, with the canvas element popping up quickly and easily. It takes just a minute to set up, even in high winds.

Tent Trailer to Ice Fishing Cabin


Documented by Canadian Tim van Horn on his ‘Celebrate Canada’ blog, along with hundreds of other fishing cabins, this tent-trailer-turned-ice-fishing-hut is pretty resourceful.