Made for Introverts: 13 Furniture Designs & Wearables That Prioritize Privacy

Head Sock for Laptop Privacy



Most of us aren’t doing anything quite sensitive enough on our computers to wear this ridiculous-looking laptop head sock – but we get the idea. The Laptop Compubody Sock is a tube that covers your head while maintaining your view of your screen, with hand holes that allow you to type. It’s definitely not the most practical or user-friendly item, but hey, people will probably leave you alone.

Coffee Cup Cubicle Office


Shaped like a coffee cup, this circular workstation’s best perk is that it features a built-in coffeemaker to keep you supplied with caffeine while you work. It’s also equipped with wifi, voice and audio players, a light-up keyboard and a touch-sensitive screen. It’s designed for airports, cafes and other places where you might want to step away from the noise and activity of the room to focus.

Eclipse Office Partition System


This futuristic-looking desk has an extendable hood that can pull down part or all of the way, ultimately creating a globe-shaped enclosure. It’s got built in speakers, wireless charging mat, an RFID sensor, video camera, graduated illumination and a built-in screen for teleconferencing.

Privacy Shell by Veasyble




The ‘Veasyble’ privacy shell series by design collective GAIA consists of accordion-like creations that expand and contract into masks, hoods and ‘tunnels,’ more to make a statement about privacy and anonymity in urban settings than for practical use.