Made for Introverts: 13 Furniture Designs & Wearables That Prioritize Privacy

V1 Chair by ODESD2




Similar to the Brody Chair, but lacking a built-in desk, the V1 Chair by ODESD2 features a high curved back that wraps around three sides. Insulating materials buffer sound, and you can curl up inside in various comfortable positions.

B-Tourist Strip for Flights



The ‘B-Tourist Strip’ by Idan Noyberg & Gal Bulka is definitely useful in theory, especially for people who end up getting stuck with middle seats on a plane. The fabric strip is designed to wrap around your own seat and the one in front of you to separate you from your aisle-mates (useful when the person next to you is coughing into the air like a barbarian.) It has a pocket for items like your phone, and can hook together in the middle to create a sling for your head so you can sleep. Of course, there are two immediately obvious problems with it: first of all, the person in front of you might not be crazy about putting their head on your weird little head tent. Second, you’re going to have to disturb them every single time you take the strip on and off the seats to let your aisle mates get to and from the bathroom. It could also obscure the screens some airlines have built-in to the back of seats for the person behind you.

Duplex Workspace Desk


For anyone who lives in a crowded space and needs a little more privacy while working, the Duplex Workspace by Sophie Kirckpatrick extends up over the desk surface to create a private cocoon. It’s made of strips of ash veneer, with solid ash legs.

Noise-Canceling Introvert Helmet



A less permanent solution can be found in the ‘Tomoko’ by Finland-based design firm Mottowasabi. It looks like an oversized lamp, and you can move it out of the way when you don’t need it. The felt ‘helmet’ cuts noise and distractions

Alcove Highback Business Seating




The Alcove series by Vitra is a room-in-a-room concept, offering several sizes of seating and backing heights that can be used alone or in groups. There’s a chair with a built-in desk and cushioned armrest, loveseats, larger sofas and nooks that wrap around a table, each designed for an open plan workplace (but seemingly appropriate for use at home, too.)