Whatever You Need, On Demand: 10 Apps That Streamline Urban Life

Moovit App



With similar functionality to Urban Engines, Moovit will give you lots of valuable information about your transit – but in this case, the data points are provided by the public. Over 50 million users worldwide help submit info about delays, closures, capacity problems and other things you might run into. Plus, the app will help you create detailed itineraries, alert you when to get off the train or bus, and save your favorite locations.

Thumbtack App



Need someone to assemble some complicated furniture, mount a television, DJ your wedding or be your personal trainer? Thumbtack connects you with the right pros for your particular project. There’s a wide range of services, from interior design to home security, massage to makeup, so chances are good that you’ll find who you’re looking for. Each pro has a user rating and listing of rates, and you can hire them right within the app.

TaskRabbit App



Maybe you need something that’s more of a temporary, one-off service – like having someone with a truck transport a heavy piece of furniture from the Craigslist seller to your house, or run to a particular boutique to buy a gift for a last-minute houseguest. TaskRabbit has ‘taskers’ working in various areas like moving help, personal assistant services, handyman work and home cleaning. You just type in what you need, and several options will appear. You can talk to them and book them directly through the app.

PlaceILive App



What’s the ideal place for you to live? If you’re having trouble figuring it out – take a look at PlaceILive, an app that gives you insight into specific neighborhoods using a variety of open data sources, like city-catalogued data, demographic data and user-submitted information. You can enter a specific address and instantly get scores in areas like transportation, health, sports and leisure, safety and entertainment.

Teleport App


After all of this you might say, “Great, I can have alcohol, groceries and even house cleaners delivered, but there’s no app that can teleport my friends to me.” You’d be wrong. The Teleport app aims to ‘get your friends delivered’ with a single tap. It can be especially handy when someone you know needs a ride and you have more money than time – your app tap essentially just schedules and pays for an Uber on their behalf.