Stealth Campers and DIY RVs: 15 Creatively Converted Vans

Boat-Inspired Sprinter Van Conversion

boat inspired sprinter van 1

boat inspired sprinter van 2

boat inspired sprinter van 3

boat inspired sprinter van 4

Jack Richens of This Moving House took inspiration from boatbuilding techniques to renovate the interior of a 2012 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, turning it into a four-person camper with two beds – one tucked beside the stairs leading to the second lofted bed, which is in its own private boat-like chamber.

Stealth Chevy G30 Camper Van

stealth chevy camper 1

stealth chevy camper 3

stealth chevy camper 2

You’d never guess that there’s anything unusual inside this van. There’s nothing visible on the outside that betrays it as a camper – not even a roof rack or a solar panel. Melanie and her husband George wanted something “nimble and stealthy” for camping trips, so they snagged a ’95 Chevy G30 1-ton van for just $850 and gave it a ‘70s-inspired interior makeover. “We wanted to keep the outside of the van a little crusty for financial reasons so we can camp incognito,” she explains.

Wood-Lined Sprinter Van with a Chimney

sprinter chimney 1

sprinter chimeny 2

sprinter chimney 3

vandog 1

The interior of this Sprinter is reminiscent of ‘70s school bus conversions, completely fitted out with wood surfaces and a wood stove, yet the exterior remains that of a nondescript van (other than the tell-tale chimney.) Woodworker Dipa Vasudeva Das did all the work on this custom camper himself.

Van Dog Traveller

vandog 2

vandog 3

vandog 4

vandog 5

Mike Hudson quit his job in 2013 to pursue his dreams of traveling Europe, turning a rusty old van into a DIY camper to make it possible. The former systems engineer bought a 10-year-old van on eBay, clad the interior with timber and topped it with 200 watts of solar panels, so it’s got electricity, hot running water, a working toilet and a gas heater. The whole process is outlined on his site, Van Dog Traveller.

Modern Mobile Home Built Into VW Van

modern mobile home 1

modern mobile home 2

modern mobile home 3

Looking for a higher-end vibe without going the manufactured RV route? Germand designer Nils Holger Moormann offers some inspiration with his customized Volkswagen T6, a minimalist matte black home packed with minimalist yet luxurious and modern amenities. The ceilings and floors are lined with oak, the caibnetry is made of black nanotech laminate and powder-coated zinc alloy handles, and the van is full of clever storage, fitting a kitchenette, foldout futon, wardrobe, laundry facilities and space for a folding bike.