Wild Wood: 28 Temporarily Tamed Tree-Based Designs Branch Out

Glass & Driftwood Sculptures by Thomas Medicus

thomas medicus

thomas medicus 2

thomas medicus 3

thomas medicus 5

Geometric glass structures encase pieces of driftwood like artificial chrysalises in a series Austrian artist Thomas Medicus calls ‘Crystalis.’ Influenced by the natural metamorphosis stage of butterflies, the series encapsulates the potential of the wood, anticipating what it might become.

Bichos Oak Branch Lamps by Martinho Pita

martinho pita 1

martinho pita 2

Pruned Portuguese Holly Oak trees become the basis of minimalist modern lamps by architect Martinho Pita, who drills holes through the branches to run corded pendant lights inside. The effect is just as practical as any other floor lamp, but far more visually interesting, and Martinho equates the branch’s new capacity to transmit electricity and light to the way a vein transmits blood.


Brecce LED Tree Trunk Lamps by Marco Stefanelli

brecce 1

brecce 2

brecce 3

brecce 4

For the ‘Brecce’ collection, Marco Stefanelli removes fragments from branches and sawmill scraps, replacing them with cast resin embedded with LEDs to turn each piece into an unusual lamp.

Tree Shelves & Tables by Sebastian Errazuriz

tree shelves

tree shelves 2

tree coffee table

tree table 2

Each of Sebastian Errazuriz’ branch-based designs is dictated by the natural form of his chosen materials instead of the other way around. For these two bookshelves, the Chilean artist selected some highly photogenic branches, painted them black and added a bit of glass to avoid distracting from their silhouettes.