Wild Wood: 28 Temporarily Tamed Tree-Based Designs Branch Out

Fig Tree Console and Magnolia Sideboard by Ginger & Jagger

fig tree console

fig tree console

magnolia sideboard

Elegant modern consoles and sideboards pair clean lines and hidden drawers with gilded tree branches as supports. The series, by Portuguese brand Ginger & Jagger, seems to balance something improbably heavy upon thin-looking branches that seem like they might snap under the pressure for a gravity-defying result.

Upside Down & Tree Fungus Shelf by Floris Wubben

floris wubben 3

floris wubben 4

floris wubben


Inverted willow trees serve as the basis of two sculptural furniture designs by Dutch artist Floris Wubben. For ‘Tree Fungus,’ Wubben connected two halves of an upside-down pollard willow with a “parasite-like” structure similar to the fungi and molds often found in willow stems. For ‘Upside-Down,’ Wubben collaborated with artist Bauke Fokkema to twist and splint willow branches together to serve as legs for the carved trunk.

Glued Branch Chair by Yoonki Lee

glued branchc hair 2

Yoonki Lee shaped raw branches into a chair by binding them together and thoroughly coating them with epoxy. Simply pouring on the glue would have led to it all clumping at the bottom without enough binding the top branches, so the artist stuck a pole through the center of the chair, affixed it to a motor and spun the whole design around to get an even coating.

Wooden Wall Tiles by Bleu Nature

wooden wall tiles

wood tiles bleu nature 2

bleu nature

bleu nature 2

Furniture company Bleu Nature is known for its branch-based designs, like this series of wall and floor tiles made of rough-cut discs of wood in various lengths to create a textural and patterned surface. Another series encases driftwood in solid blocks of acrylic for a blend of rustic and modern aesthetics.