Pixelated Masterpieces: 32 Real-Life Works of 3D Glitch Art & Design

Furniture Derived from Software Errors by Christopher Stuart

glitch stuart 2

glitch stuart 1

glitch stuart 3

glitch stuart 4

The ‘Constructs and Glitches’ collection by American designer Christopher Stuart features distorted objects deriving their form from errors produced by CAD software. Whereas the typical designer would get frustrated if their software glitched mid-design and ‘destroyed’ the form they envisioned, Stuart goes with it, embracing the anomalies.

3D-Printed Glitched Sneaker by Shane Griffin

glitch griffin 1

glitch griffin 2

glitch griffin 3

Artist Shane Griffin twists and distorts a resin sculpture of the ‘Yeezy Boost’ sneaker in what seems like a glitched digital image until you realize you’re seeing it in all three dimensions.

Classical Glitch Sculpture by Enrico Ferrarini

glitch ferrarini

glitch ferrarini 3

glitch ferrarini 4

Enrico Ferrarini uses the highly recognizable aesthetic of classic sculpture to make the glitches in his own work even more striking in contrast. The Italy-born artist studied at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, where many of the world’s most famous sculptures are located, like Donatello and Michelangelo’s Davids.

Glitch Sculptures by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

kanemaki 1

kanemaki 2

kanemaki 3

Faces are stretched, doubled and offset or multiplied many times over in Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki’s stunning sculptures made of wood. The artist makes many of these sculptures in miniature, but some are life-sized.

In-Game Glitches Made Real by Zhao Huasen

glitch huasen 2

glitch huasen 3

You know those glitches that occur in video games, where the characters are suddenly hovering in mid-air instead of riding horses or bikes? Artist Zhao Huasen recreates them in real life in this fun photo series.