Filling the Void: 25 Resin-Inlaid Wood Furniture Designs Become Whole Again

Starry Sea Table Embedded with LED Lights by Alexandre Chapelin

Designer Alexandre Chapelin’s Starry Sea table reflects its surroundings by day, looking like still waters in the Caribbean. At night, it shows off the reason for its name as embedded LEDs glow from within.

Quartz and Jade Stools by NUCLEO

Insects embedded in amber provided the visual inspiration for this unusual series from NUCLEO, in which wood furniture has been ‘fossilized’ with resin.

Del Mare Table by Eduard Locota

Hand-carved marble serves as the base for Eduard Locota’s Del Mare table, with a topography that resembles mysterious holes in the ocean floor. Acrylic glass is poured over the top of the base to naturally produce a gradation of blue tones that change and shift depending on the viewer’s angle.

Zero Per Stool by HATTERN

South Korean design studio HATTERN achieves a similar look with Zero Per Stool, crafting the legs first and then blending the waste off-cuts with resin to form the seats.

Anatolia Teak & Resin Side Table

It’s not often that you see this kind of design in commercially available furniture sold at chain stores, which probably explains why Anthropologie sold out of its resin-and-wood Anatolia side table so fast. Made of teak, oil, resin and glass, the table achieves a geode-like effect.