Architecture in Miniature: 13 Modern Dollhouse & Other Tiny Buildings

Performing MDM Opera House Concept Model by Jie Shen

Sometimes architectural models can be works of art within themselves, like this piece by Jie Shen demonstrating his vision for an adaptable opera house for Warsaw’s Marzalkowska Housing District. The design pays homage to the style of the existing development, created during the communist period as a model of socialist Stalinist planning, but takes it in a futuristic direction with transforming elements and balconies modeled after ship hulls.

Miniature Constructivist City by bureau A

Children’s clothing brand L’asticot commissioned bureau A to create an architectural display for their flagship store in Geneva, built right into a clothing rack. The result is a mini city full of tiny constructivist-style buildings under a cloud-shaped fluorescent light. “When one things about Russia and its epic approach to architecture, childhood is probably the last thing that comes in mind,” say the designers. “However, its monuments with their architecture of representation and excess propose a very appropriate landscape to explore architectural fantasies, fairy tale constructions somewhere between monstrous and marvelous.”

A Dollhouse for Clementine by TDO Architecture

The dollhouse goes ultramodern with this project by TDO, commissioned by Wallpaper Magazine, who asked that the architecture firm use Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye as an inspirational starting point. The finished work doubles as a lamp when closed.