Bold Boats: 15 Wild, Fantastical & Futuristic Nautical Designs

Planetsolar: World’s First Solar-Powered Boat to Circumnavigate the Globe

The MS Turanor Planetsolar was the world’s first entirely solar-powered ship to circumnavigate the globe, winning the honor back in 2010. It took 585 days to complete its journey. Now, the Swiss-based charity Race for Water Foundation operates it as a demonstration and scientific platform in its fight against plastic pollution in the oceans.

4 Superyacht Concepts by Vasily Klyukin

Artist Vasily Klyukin designed a series of off-the-walls artistic yachts that are honestly a lot more fun that what most designers produce. Why shouldn’t boats have some artistic flair as well as practicality? One is inspired by Mondrian, one resembles the Manhattan skyline, another is shaped like a swan and a fourth updates the Mississippi riverboats of Mark Twain yore for the 21st century.

Tesla E-Vision Granturismo Boat Concept

Not officially sanctioned by Tesla, this boat concept by designer BelKharmoudi Aziz runs on the company’s Lithium Ion batteries, with two powertrains mounted on the left and right and solar panels on the bow.

Z-Boat by Zaha Hadid

In 2012, Zaha Hadid designed a limited edition speedboat called the Z-Boat for art dealer Kenny Schachter, featuring her signature faceted asymmetric style. French manufacturers Shoreteam was set to produce 12 of the boats, though it’s not clear whether they were ever really manufactured.