Bold Boats: 15 Wild, Fantastical & Futuristic Nautical Designs

Sea Orbiter by Jacques Rougerie

A cross between a boat and a skyscraper, the Sea Orbiter design by French architect Jacques Rougerie literally turns the profile of a cruise ship on its side, submerging half of it underwater. But this is no recreational ship carting tourists to the world’s most popular ports. It’s designed to accommodate a team of 18-22 researchers who will spend 24 hours per day underwater studying the relationships between the sea and climate. Construction has been repeatedly delayed, and the cost is expected to run around $52.7 million.

Jet Capsule Water Boats

The same company that dreamed up the floating UFO primarily produces Jet Capsule Water Boats, enclosed compact watercraft that can be used for either private or water taxi purposes. They’re available in 5-person, 9-person and 13-person capacities, and its sleek profile gives it max turning stability at high speeds. The interiors can be fitted with a variety of custom features including leather interiors, photochromic windows, night vision, sub cameras and an auto-docking system.

Algoritmi Autonomous Cargo Ships

Designer BelKharmoudi Aziz envisions autonomous cargo ships called ‘Algoritmi’ that transport goods across the oceans via onboard supercomputer systems equipped with ultrasound, laser sensors and anti-collision systems as well as GPS navigation, satellite and 360-degree cameras.

The Joystick-Controlled Hot Tub Boat

Hot tub boats are not necessarily anything new, but this particular iteration is pretty cool, if only because you get to control it with a joystick. Based in Seattle, ‘The Hot Tub Boat’ can be rented or purchased, and is capable of transporting 2,100 pounds of water along with six adult bathers. It’s got a waterproof stereo system, an electric motor and a rechargeable battery that gets up to 10 hours per charge.