Not Your Dive Bar’s Pool Table: 13 Modern Game Furniture Designs

Paul Smith Ping Pong Table by Hunn Wai

A dainty lace net stretches across a reclaimed secondhand dining table to turn it into a combination ping pong table and workstation. Designer Hunn Wai explains, “Much like ripping mp3’s from CDs you bought, I’ve translated intrinsic details from my prized possessions onto flea market finds. Resulting in new consumed products. The reference to Paul Smith has to do with the pattern found on my Paul Smith sneakers.”

Ella Foosball Table with Women Players

It’s hard to avoid rolling your eyes at a ‘women’s foosball table’ that’s pink. There are a lot of aspects of the ‘Ella’ by RS Barcelona that are groan-worthy, staring with the fact that they describe the table’s female players as “replicated to match the exact proportions of their male counterparts… but of course with more curves.” But fans of under-looked women’s sports teams might appreciate having access to a table that doesn’t default to masculine-looking players, and you have the option of pitting the women players against male figures.

Leather & Wood Ping Pong Table by Mikiya Kobayashi

Designer Mikiya Kobayashi created this minimalist ping pong table as part of the ‘Yu Collection’ for Japanese manufacturer Masterwal, every element of it stripped down to its essence. A brass line runs through the very center of the table, and the middle is crossed by a leather net, which is removable so the table can be used for other purposes. It comes with a ball and a set of matching paddles.

Blacklight Designer Pool Table by SAM Leisure

The geometric net hanging below this glossy elliptic pool table by SAM Leisure definitely adds a little uniqueness to what the cmpany calls a “total top-to-bottom re-design of the classic billiard table.” Six designers from the Superior Institute of Design in France came together to produce the design, which is made of steel and resin, with a slate playing surface.

Nordic-Inspired Minimalist Foosball Table by Alain Gilles

‘The Pure’ by Alain Gilles is envisioned as a modern version of a classic foosball table that takes away none of the fun, doubling as a decorative object that can be displayed in a prominent place, like your living room or a hotel lobby. “The foosball doesn’t have to be hidden in the basement anymore and it is no more just for gaming centers or coffee shops,” says the designer, who took inspiration from Nordic design for the simple rounded shape and abstract chrome ‘players.’