Work Smarter: 12 Modern Desks Reinvent the Standard Office Surface

Modernized Secretary Desk by Michele de Lucchi

‘Secretello’ is a modern update to the classic secretary desk, a compact workspace that closes up when not in use. The glass panel flips up into a ‘ceiling’ while you’re seated, and you can place shelving or other items inside, so when it’s closed, it becomes a curio cabinet.

Isabel Ahm Secretary Desk for the Home Worker

Many people work from home these days, but not all of them have their own private offices, often slotting desks into their existing domestic environments. Isabel Ahm’s secretary desk was designed with these people in mind, with a minimalist silhouette that blends into most interior decor and hides ample storage beneath its surface to remain clutter-free and make work ‘out of sight, out of mind’ after-hours.

Homework Table by Tomas Kral

A ‘moat’ around the edge of this simple desk by Tomas Kral keeps all the detritus of a day’s work contained, including books, gadgets, paperwork and other objects. The desk itself is made of ash wood, while this extra piece – sandwiched between two layers of wood – is made of aluminum. The result is a beautiful contrast of materials that also adds function to the piece.

Polichinelle Desk by Yoann Jestin and Benoit Pernet

Need a large surface for drawing, while also having your computer or books nearby for reference? The Polichinelle Desk by Yoann Jestin and Benoit Pernet provides a writing surface covered by paper for all of your sketches and notes, along with a side surface and thin steel ‘satellite pieces’ acting as a lectern and lamp. The side of the desk is a storage chest with a lid that holds the paper in place with magnets.