Cats! Cats! Cats! 20+ Fun Feline-Focused Works of Art & Design

Cat Candles Melt Down to a Metal Skeleton

Slightly macabre but also undeniably cool, the Kisa candle by PyroPets features a steel skeleton within a geometric wax cat which is revealed as you burn it. Each one is about 7” tall and burns for 20 hours.

Cats in Mid-Shake

Beware, folks with cat allergies, just looking at these photos might make you feel itchy. Portland photographer Carli Davidson used a high-speed camera to capture a series of cats in mid-shake for ‘Shake Cats,’ showing us just how much dander and drool cats bestow upon their surroundings. Don’t worry, Davidson doesn’t splash the cats with water to produce this reaction; they usually shake in the process of a professional ear cleaning or after being petted by a person with a wet hand. Most of the cats are rescues in shelters, and many were adopted after this series was released.

Cats, Not Ads: London Subway Campaign

Passengers on London’s tube system were delighted to find that the usual ads hawking insurance and electronics gave way to cats, cats and more cats for a brief period in 2016. The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS) is the result of a Kickstarter campaign by a collective called Glimpse, which purchased all 68 ad spaces in the Clapham Common Station to highlight cats from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Hoe and the Cats Protection charity.

Contemporary Cat Houses

The ‘Meyou’ series by Parisian designer Aude Sanchez is meant to blend into the most upscale modern environments with its clean lines and geometric sensibility. The series of three cat beds offer private, comfortable quarters for felines and look good, too. Two of the designs, the ‘cube’ and the ‘ball,’ feature cotton spheres that can be replaced once they’re worn out.