Cats! Cats! Cats! 20+ Fun Feline-Focused Works of Art & Design

Embroidered Pocket Pets

What cat lover hasn’t wished they could just carry kittens around in their pockets all the time? Embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota makes that dream a reality with creative adornments added to shirts. Cats peek out of chest pockets and from around the button plackets, each one looking extraordinarily lifelike.

Cat Houses Inspired by Egyptian Mythology

Fittingly ancient and mysterious, the BAST line of cat furniture by Dafit Ashari gives cats places to hide, climb, scratch and perch with structures inspired by Egyptian mythology. They’re definitely cooler-looking than your average scratching post.

Cats as Blots of Ink

Sometimes all it takes is a single drop of ink on wet watercolor paper to produce a blurred shape with a natural ‘furry’ edge suggesting the outline of a curled-up, sleeping cat. Serbian artist Endre Penovac proves it’s all about the skill and talent of the artist holding the brush with his ghostly, minimalist cat portraits, often made with just a few strokes.

Pouncing Kitten Portraits

Seth Casteel, a photographer known for his ‘underwater puppies’ and ‘underwater babies’ series, also released a photo book called ‘Pounce’ that’s nothing but kittens in mid-air. These up-close shots, often taken from below, capture much of the playfulness and mischievousness kittens are known for.