Bolder Brewers: 14 Coffee Makers That Are Way Cooler Than Your Keurig

Proper Coffee Architectural Coffee Makers

The architectural ‘Proper Coffee’ series includes pour-over and drip designs with handmade laser-cut steel frames and walnut wood bases for a sculptural effect that looks beautiful on your counter (definitely a change from most percolators!) Make single cups, or choose the setups that make 4 or 8 cups at a time, which look like something that belongs under the hood of a luxury car.

PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Drip Tower System

A small, simple injection-molded part works with the commonly used Aeropress coffee maker and whatever vessel you have on hand – even if it’s just a water bottle – to produce cold brew. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, it’s now available for wider preorder at just $16 a pop and will ship in April 2018.

Newton Espresso Machine

With a unique piston design and leverage system, the Newton Espresso Machine delivers a high-quality cup of coffee when you exert force through the handle, so no electricity is required (and it’s silent!) “The pressure can be controlled in a variety of ways,” say the creators, “ – the force applied to the handle, the quantity of coffee used in the basket, the tamping pressure, and the coarseness of the grind. These variables give the user complete control over the extraction process and allow for a very customizable result.” It’s wall mountable, and takes up minimal space on the counter.

GAGGENAU Automatic Espresso Machine

Something about the GAGGENAU fully automatic espresso machine is a little Bond villanesque, isn’t it? Maybe it’s the way the luxury machine is presented, built into stark black modern kitchens. It’s meant to be installed alongside the brand’s other appliances, like ovens, and can produce an array of beverages with up to eight personalized configurations memorized.

A Phone Case That Makes Coffee?

What can’t smart phones do these days – make you coffee? Wrong. At least, according to Italian company Mokase, which debuted an eyebrow-raising waterproof phone case with a 25ml ‘wafer’ of preserved coffee inside like an emergency ration, somehow heating it up with your phone’s battery in under 10 seconds and providing you with a shot of espresso. Is this the most phenomenally stupid coffee maker idea ever, a scam or a big joke? Kickstarter suspended the Mokase campaign, saying it didn’t conform to their rules about working prototypes, but Mokase still has it up for sale on their website, in case you feel like setting 49.90 Euros on fire. In this case (no pun intended) maybe you’re better off with your Mr. Coffee dripolator after all.