Bolder Brewers: 14 Coffee Makers That Are Way Cooler Than Your Keurig

IIKONE Coffee Brewer

Strip a pour-over brewer to its most essential parts, and what you’re left with is just a filter that can perch over a vessel. There are plenty of low-tech versions of this setup that work perfectly well, but how often do they look this cool? What makes the IIKONE special is not just its mechanical spider silhouette, but its “totally unobstructed filter” that aims to produce a less bitter cup of coffee thanks to evenly distributed surface tension where the filter touches the support. It’s made of CNC-cut medical-grade stainless steel and is compatible with all popular 6-10 cup round or rectangular filters as well as conical metal filters.

Illy X1 Espresso Machine Update by Luca Trazzi

A perennial classic, Illy’s X1 espresso machine gets a beautiful visual revamp by designer Luca Trazzi as well as the addition of new functional parts so it can also brew drip coffee, froth milk, stop the flow at preset volumes, remember how much you’d like it to pour and even clean itself. The anniversary edition also gets a cuter display with the brand’s name in a classic typeface.

PERK 3D-Printed Coffee Maker

The PERK is a 3D-printed fully automate pour-over coffee machine with a recirculating boiler and nested infusion chamber to maintain accurate temperature and extraction uniformity, keeping the grounds from clumping as they brew. Basically, it’s designed to automatically perform all of the actions an attentive barista would take while overseeing a conventional pour-over coffee maker. Its retail price is expected to hover around $299.

Simpresso Portable Espresso Maker

You won’t find any gadgets or buttons on the Simpresso by Simposh – just a portable machine with a ‘reusable flavor capsule,’ transparent water tank, travel cup and attachable milk foamer built in. The manually operated espresso maker requires very little effort to extract espresso, and it’s insulated to hold in heat. The Kickstarter campaign failed, so it’s unclear whether it’ll ever be available for purchase.