Portable Walk-In Closets & 14 Other Ways to Make a Studio Feel Like a Mansion

DIY IKEA Hack Platform Bed

Seven standard kitchen cabinets from IKEA become a platform bed with storage underneath in this tutorial by Handy Dad TV. Watch the video above and check out detailed instructions and blueprints at the website.

Narrow Slide-Out Pantry

Lacking enough space in your kitchen to store more than a small cabinet worth of food? This kind of slide-out pantry can be mounted on casters and placed right next to the fridge to take up just six to eight inches of space.

Platform Floor with Hidden Storage

Platforms aren’t just for beds. Is there any reason why you couldn’t create a sort of mini mezzanine level in your apartment with storage underneath, and stick a couch or dining table on top? It’s an intriguing twist on the typical loft, since it can be disassembled and moved.

Wall-Mounted Vanity Table/Makeup Station

A shelf and a pair of brackets come to the rescue yet again in Charlotte O’Shea’s “small space beauty station,” a compact alternative to vanity tables. You could also place it in a corner, using a folding chair and add an extra shelf to hold more of your supplies, and hang a curtain in front of it to hide it when you don’t need it.

Minimalist Shelf/Wall Hooks That Can Be Propped Against the Wall

IKEA doesn’t seem to be selling its minimalist PS leaning wall shelf anymore, but the idea is certainly reproducible, though probably best for households where small children aren’t present. Alternately, you could mount shelving and hooks to a piece of plywood, lean it against the wall and secure it at the top with brackets.