Portable Walk-In Closets & 14 Other Ways to Make a Studio Feel Like a Mansion

The Complete Kitchenette by Culshaw Bell

Yet another freestanding, self-contained design that takes all the functionality you need in your home and closes it up when not in use, the Culshaw Kitchenette comes in a range of styles including Georgian, cottage and midcentury modern as well as a variety of sizes. Most of the units contain a sink, stovetop, microwave, mini fridge and storage space for food, cookware and dish ware.

Above-the-Door Shelving

Even the tiniest amount of vertical space on your wall offers untapped storage possibilities, as shown by these shelves placed above doorways, which can be as simple or customized as you want them to be. Continue the shelve down the wall on either side to maximize the effect.

Italian Hideaway Kitchen by John Strand

John Strand offers similar self-contained kitchen designs in sleeker profiles, like this ‘Italian Hideaway Kitchen’ with a customizable sink position and either 2 or 4 stove burners. This one definitely doesn’t come cheap at 3.3K euros, but take a close look at how the elements are arranged, and you could probably Ikea Hack your way to something similar.

Bar Seating Behind the Couch

Think you don’t have room for a real dining table? What about the space behind your couch? This idea is especially well-suited to people who like to watch TV while eating, and also creates a sort of theater-style double-decker movie viewing arrangement.

Urbano Loft by Casa Collection

The Urbano Loft by Casa Collection is even pricier at $15,000, but it, too, could serve as inspiration for a DIY creation, whether you’re handy enough to do it yourself or know someone crafty. The stairs up to the bed function as drawers, and underneath the loft, there’s a closet, dressers, open shelving and a desk. (Perhaps you recall the similar clever hand-built plywood creation featured on HBO’s ‘Girls,’ pictured above.)