It’s in the Bag: 13 Ultra-Functional Backpacks for Busy Urban Lifestyles

The Bond Collection Travel Briefcase & Everyday Padfolio

Some briefcases are nice looking on the outside, but full of empty space on the inside, with few organizers to speak of. This one, inspired by James Bond, makes sure there’s a place for everything. Keep your headphones and cords wrapped up and untangled, protect your phone and tablet, always have your fare cards handy and look like a professional all the while. The magnetic zippers and travel-friendly slot are pretty nice features, too.

The ClickPack Pro: Anti-Theft Bag

Not even the most skilled pickpocket on a crammed subway will have access to your valuables with the ClickPack Pro, an anti-theft backpack by Korin Design with a single exterior zipper close to the body that’s quickly secured with a TSA-approved lock system. The double-coil zipper chain can’t be easily punctured by pens and other objects, and a retractible metal wire lock keeps your bag secure even if you need to set it down for a moment. The bag is made of slash-resistant, water-resistant fabric, much like the The PNW waterproof backpacks material, and includes built-in reflectors. Inside, it’s subdivided into a variety of pockets and compartments to securely carry and organize all your gear.

Boundary Prima System: ‘The Ultimate Modular Pack’

This modular backpack by Prima has a slim, non-bulky profile and comes with two accessories that can be used inside the pack or alone: a smaller Verge bag (perfect for cameras) and the Field Space laptop pocket with built-in mesh pockets. The system expands from 25 to 30 liters and includes side-access pockets, a center zipper and a top opening so it’s always easy to see and access your belongings. The storm-proof closure, quick latch magnetic buckles, tough nylon denier body and sturdy compression and gear straps make it highly functional in a variety of usage scenarios.

Solar-Powered Lifepack

Solar backpacks have gotten a lot more streamlined over recent years, and the Lifepack is a great example of what they have to offer. This bag includes a built-in solar bank so you can juice up your phone pretty much anywhere, as well as bluetooth speakers, drop-resistant storage, hidden compartments and an integrated lock that doubles as a bottle opener. Inside, the pockets are divided into a ‘work zone’ and a ‘life zone’ (which they call “business in the back, party in the front”) so there’s no risk of your underwear falling out during a meeting.