Squeeze Play: 9 Weird & Bizarre Stress Relief Balls


The Sanqi Elan Squishy Cat Cheeseburger combines all of your fave stress-reducing things into something that simply Should. Not. Be. It won’t comfort you like a purring kitten, nor will it satisfy your hunger like a fresh, juicy cheeseburger. So, what does that leave? Gratuitous violence, that’s what.

This undeniably cute abomination is from Japan because of course it is. Squish it down to a fraction of its size and watch it slowly and inexorably spring back – with a smile, no less.

Life In The Air Rage

Between the TSA’s shenanigans, interminable flight delays and the diminishing quality & quantity of airline food, it’s no wonder air travelers are stressed out like never before. Kudos to JetBlue for recognizing these issues and providing some remedies such as airport Nap Pods and stress relief balls shaped like little JetBlue airliners.

Take out the anxiety of bumpy takeoffs, grumpy seatmates and that damned kid kicking the back of your seat on this cute stress relief “plane” emblazoned with the JetBlue logo. Rumors suggesting the stress ball is actually a voodoo doll are completely unfounded.

Last Gas-p

No pro-pain, no gain… as Hank Hill might say. As well, there’s nothing like squeezing a container of pressurized flammable gas to get those heartbeats settled into a lugubrious rhythm. There’s a reasonable explanation to this scene: seems a company called Suburban (not Strickland) Propane donated a truckload of these squeezable, LEGO-head-like propane tank stress relief “balls” to the American Red Cross in the summer of 2015. Give blood… you might just get “tanks” in return.