Squeeze Play: 9 Weird & Bizarre Stress Relief Balls

Perhaps the only good thing about disease germs is that they’re too small to see with the naked eye. One can just imagine how er, sickening they probably look, though… and now someone’s gone there, so we’ve got that going for us, which isn’t nice.

Yep, Infectious Disease Stress Balls, in your choice of Smallpox, Bubonic Plague, Cooties, and the Zombie Virus (whatever that is). Just squeeze the vaguely-insect-eyeish ball and watch in transfixed disgust as contrastingly-colored slime bubbles ooze forth from the cracks. Check out this short video of an infectious stress ball in action… if you’ve been virtually vaccinated, that is.

Go To Gel

Save money (and presumably, stress) by making your own stress relief balls at home! All you need is a diaper, some emoji balloons, and this video featuring a pretty blonde lady with a couple of kids and a HUGE ring. Thanks to What’s Up Moms for posting this way-popular – like, almost 2 million views – instructional video.

Anyway, the secret lies within the absorbent gel crystals inside disposable diapers. Add water to gel, spoon gel into balloon, tie end of balloon securely and you’re ready to be de-stressed (distressed?). Be sure to source your gel from UNUSED diapers, mind you… the Poop Emoji balloon is an example, not a suggestion.

The Birds & The Squeeze

Nice to see fertility clinics have a sense of humor and give out rather unique stress relief balls to anxious clients. Low sperm count? No problem – just stroke and squeeze that li’l guy to your heart’s content. Hmm, maybe that’s how the issue arose in the first place.