Drag and Drop Housing: 12 Fast-Deploying Prefab Designs with Modern Style

SKILPOD Modules Made of CLT

Prefab company Skilpod teamed up with UAU Collective to envision a prefabricated house that could be placed in less than a day, but meet or even exceed the quality standards of a site-built residence (in other words, it would have to look nothing like a shed.) The result is this portable, high quality SKILPOD, made primarily of CLT (cross-laminated timber), an engineered wood material with enhanced strength. It measures 516 square feet, ideal for singles or older people, and produces more energy than it consumes. Prices start around €59K (currently about $72K USD.)

Retreat in Finca Aguy by MAPA

Fabricated in a factory near Montevideo and transported to its final destination on the edge of an olive field 124 miles away, ‘Retreat in Finca Aguy’ by MAPA stands as an example of how homes meeting modern standards of quality, energy efficiency and aesthetics can be placed in remote environments without disturbing the landscape.

Casa de Madera by Estudio Borrachia

Designed as a weekend residence for a family of four, Casa de Madera by Estudio Borrachia is a single-story prefab residence made entirely of wood, with an open framework covering interstitial outdoor areas that will ultimately be lush with greenery. It’s built in such a way that it could be removed in a matter of days without affecting the environment at all. The architects see it as a study of the ways in which wooden architecture could be created off-site and assembled in creative configurations that work for the individual setting.

HonoMobo Shipping Container Home

These shipping container homes by Canadian company HonoMobo can be delivered anywhere within North America, fully ready for you to move in. All they need is a foundation and utility connections (unless you order it equipped for off-grid use.) Constructed in 10-12 weeks in the company’s factory, the HonoMobo house can range from a single 200-square-foot unit to a modular arrangement of units measuring up to 1,520 square feet. You can even stack them.