Innovation & Collaboration: 13 Cool Office Designs Spark Creativity

Save the Children in Madrid by elii

Spanish firm Elii gave the Save the Children building in Madrid a dramatic makeover by adding a new volume right around the existing one, giving it a new facade and service core. Just inside, private offices are delineated by transparent corrugated panels for a greenhouse-like effect. Throughout the space, which functions as a child care center, are small additions that encourage care, like plants in pots and elements the designers call ‘architectural pets.’ Bookcases on wheels roll out of niches when needed, wall panels open and shut, and even the facade transforms, spelling out the name of the facility when the shutters are closed.

AirBNB Headquarters in Dublin by Heneghan Peng

Workers at AirBNB’s international headquarters in Dublin can choose to work right on the wide, habitable staircase in the center of the space, or within private pods overlooking this atrium. Over 400 employees are based in this 4,000 square meter warehouse designed by Heneghan Peng. The design is envisioned as a city unto itself, with 29 ‘neighborhoods.’ All 400 employees can gather on the staircase for a company-wide meeting or presentation. Individual meeting rooms have been designed to mimic some of the company’s most notable rentals around the world.

Malwarebytes Headquarters in Santa Clara, California by Blitz

At first glance, the staircase within the Malwarebytes headquarters in California looks a lot like the one at the AirBNB Dublin headquarters – and many other offices throughout the world – but there’s a fun secret hidden underneath it. Employees get to enjoy a speakeasy-style bar accessed through a blind door. The rest of the office designed by Blitz is packed with fluid spaces designed to encourage employee interaction. This space, too, is organized around a ‘neighborhood’ approach, with individual teams occupying their own zones. Three gaming rooms add to the sense of fun.

Tate Harmer TreexOffice in a London Park

It’s sad to stay indoors working when it’s nice outside, especially in London, where beautiful sunny days can be hard to come by. Sustainability-focused firm Tate Harmer Architects decided to give mobile workers a temporary home base as part of the Park Hack Project, building a co-working space around a tree. TREExOFFICE is equipped with all-important wi-fi and charging stations, with translucent walls higher on one side and lower on the other so users can choose how much distraction they can handle.

(Un)Curtain Office in Ljubljana by Dekleva Gregoriç Arhitekti

Can’t decide whether open plan offices are a brilliant way to keep tabs on lazy employees and nurture creativity or a productivity-squashing nightmare of distraction? The (Un)Curtain Office in Ljubljana by Dekleva Gregoriç Arhitekti is a great example of finding a happy medium. Instead of individual, closed-off spaces or cubicles, they’ve created a curtain system that can open or close individual work areas and group spaces. Within seconds, the layout of the entire office can be altered.