Innovation & Collaboration: 13 Cool Office Designs Spark Creativity

Yemeksepeti Park by Erginoglu & Çalislar Architects

Decidedly futuristic in appearance yet full of fun features like hammocks and oversized chess boards, the Yemeksepeti Park office in Istanbul by Erginoglu & Çalislar Architects packs in a ton of character. Five flying bridges welcome gusts as they enter, offering access to various departments. The meeting rooms are envisioned as small shops, the dining hall looks like a chic modern diner and circular glassed workspaces are set throughout the space. An oversized continuous loop table stretches from one wing of the building to the other. A cafe and free time area encourages lounging, brainstorming and getting a little exercise with table tennis and other sports.

Jungle Station by G8A Architecture & Urban Planning

Jungle Station by G8A Architecture & Urban Planning offers another example of lush office environments, this one located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. What began as a grim, dark warehouse space has evolved into a gorgeous workspace organized around a “green connector” spine, visible from all public zones of the building.

“More than a simple combination of potted plants, the cooling and calming capacities of the Green Connector occupies all echelons of the space, from large succulents to hanging creepers and an aromatic herb garden,” say the architects. “This green connector also plays the role of ‘social connector’ as traffic allows itself to pause among the foliage. With resting and working stations dotted along the central plantations, the specialized coffee bar caters for a relaxed break.”

Adobe Headquarters Renovation by Gensler

Seattle-based architecture firm Gensler aimed to make Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose “the physical extension of the company’s brand,” visualizing its creativity and innovation in an open, vibrant working environment with a wide variety of opportunities for employees to connect and focus. The space includes a terraced meeting area with bleacher seating, a variety of ‘living rooms’ to make employees comfortable, outside collaboration spaces and lots of amenities.

“Adobe’s focus on creativity, innovation and community informed the design approach – a vibrant, purposeful use of color throughout, minimal finishes in each space, incorporation of curated art and locally made furnishings, and environmentally sustainable materials – resulting in a space that is the company’s brand manifested and a headquarters that expresses the next generation of the innovative workplace.”

Allen Institute Research Facility in Seattle by Perkins + Will

Alternately displayed to the entire space via glass facades or given a little more privacy, the pods cantilevered within Seattle’s Allen Institute research facility by Perkins + Will create space for meetings, discussions or brainstorming.

“The architecture of this building reflects who we are as an organization,” sys Allan Jones, Ph.D., chief executive officer of the Allen institute. “Our unique operating model of team science, big science and open science combines the best qualities from the worlds of academia and biotech, using goals and milestones to ensure that our scientific investigations turn into useful resources for scientists around the world. The atmosphere in this building encourages the kind of cross-disciplinary interaction and collaboration that is integral to our success as an organization.”