Archived Articles: August, 2007

All Gone: 7 (More!) Deserted Wonders of the Modern World

These towns and cities have fallen victim to everything from natural disasters to man-made wars, in many cases causing their complete abandonment.

Burning Man 2007: World’s Largest Temporary City, Green?

Burning Man is an amazing annual event that takes places for one week a year in the remote Black Rock Desert ... but can it become eco-friendly as well?

Drop Spots: Share Secret Objects With Strangers in Cities

Drop Spots are the basis for a unique form of urban interaction where you can leave or retrieve hidden objects left by you or others in a never-ending game.

10 Transformable, Convertible & Collapsible Urban Furnitures

The transformable, convertible and collapsible designs below are impressively practical space-saving solutions for all kinds of cramped living situations.

Ecological Subversion: Guerilla Gardening in Public Spaces

Have you ever wondered why so much public space goes to waste? Seemingly 'natural' green areas are carefully cultivated, requiring time, energy and water.

American Dream 2.0: Visionary Video of Associative Design

This amazing video and associated illustrations shows the ways in which people are rethinking urban density at all scales through digital media.

Urban Panoramics: 7 Illustrated City Scenes of the World

Kozyndan illustrate compelling scenes from major urban areas all over the globe, from San Francisco to Tokyo, New York to Newcastle.

10 Urban Snaphots: Google Street View Pictures Freeze Time

The now-infamous Google Street View van has captured embarrassing moments, created accidental celebrities and documented interesting urban changes over time.

Semi-Subversive: 3 Unusually Legal Urban Street Art Projects

Here are some engaging types and works of visual and performance art that have prompted critical thought or stirred up controversy, all without getting the ...

Interpreting Cities: Creative Urban Photography at 3 Scales

Creative urban photographers have a way of representing cities in new and different lights, from civic alphabets to time lapse and space shots.

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