21st Century Cookout: 16 Modern Grills & Outdoor Kitchens
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If you’re tired of the ugly gas grill taking up space in your backyard, dreaming of a luxurious outdoor kitchen, or just wishing you had a cool portable BBQ to take out to the park, here are 16 (more!) design-centric options. Ranging from mobile kitchen carts and clever fold-up grills to sunken stone kitchens with swim-up bars, these outdoor cooking setups will have you craving a stylish cookout in no time flat.

Hot Pot Planter Grill Combo

Modern Grills Hot Pot

Hidden within an ordinary-looking terra-cotta planter is a charcoal grill, perfect for the city dweller with limited outdoor space for cookouts. The multi-functional Hot Pot serves as a mini garden when not in use, reduces clutter and avoids the clunky eyesore effect of conventional BBQ grills.

Steel Bowl Pivot Grill

Modern Grills Steel Bowl Pivot

Another dual-purpose product is a fire bowl that converts to a barbecue with the addition of a hanging grill pendulum/pulley set. The grill height is adjustable, and the arm folds down small for storage.

Modern Wood-Burning Grill

Modern Grills Wood Burning

Wood-burning grills get a modern update with the Ascot by Cera Design, a column-shaped grill and smoker with a glass door that lets you enjoy the flames as your food cooks. It includes optional outer plates for accessories, side storage units and a swivel grill. It can be used as an outdoor fireplace, too.

Modern Spiraling Gazebo with Built-In Kitchen

Modern Grills Spiral Gazebo 1

Modern Grills Spiral Gazebo 2

Commissioned by a yacht captain, this spiraling outdoor kitchen is fittingly shaped like the hull of a ship. Made of pale larch wood, the pavilion contains seating for eight and a black kitchen with a brick barbecue.

Druida Barbecue Chars Food with Geometric Patterns

Modern Grills Druida

Charred steaks will be a work of art when cooked on the Druida, a striking barbecue composed of a steel bowl on a tripod and a geometric waterjet-cut grille. The design of the grille is inspired by druidic cauldrons.

Compact Outdoor Kitchen by StudioMama

Modern Outdoor Grills COmpact Kitchen

Modern Grills Compact Kitchen 2

Made entirely of objects and materials that can be found at a hardware store, this mobile kitchen by London designer Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama features a bucket sink connected to a garden hose, a chopping board and a small stove eye as well as storage space. Studiomama offers instructions to make your own.

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