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Whether you want to travel the world in luxury and style or take steps and streets off of the beaten bath, there is sure to be a unique, offbeat and amazing hostel, hotel or resort in this section to suit your desires. From spacious urban retreats to cozy remote treehouses:

Mobile Hotel: Converted Double-Decker Bus B&B Still Drives

Quintessentially British, this boutique suite sleeps six, features a wood-burning stove and much more, but perhaps most amazing of all: the vehicle remains ...

Beer Bath: Underground Brewery Converted to Thermal Spa

Lounge in large wooden vats that once contained gallons upon gallons of beer, gazing up at the original stone arches in subterranean vaulted chambers. The ...

POD in Singapore: High-Class Hostel Meets Capsule Hotel

Full of small surprises, this minimalist modern urban retreat blends elements of a free-for-all hostel of bunk beds for college backpackers and high-end hotels ...

Bubble Hotels: Spacious Spherical Retreats Set in Nature

Somewhere on the scale between tent and cabin lies the bubble hotel, an optionally transparent or opaque plastic retreat that is roomier than normal camping ...

Indoor Camping: Vintage RVs Reclaimed as Hostel Rooms

At Bonn’s Basecamp Young Hostel, travelers enjoy the quirky accommodations of cheerfully decorated vintage RVs, with views of the sea and an unchanging ...

Sea Fort Retreat: Island Hotel in 1860s British Harbor Base

Known for its naval power, England has a great many leftover army and sea forts. Some have been turned into private islands, radio station or micronations, but ...

Botel: Floating Hotel with Modular Detachable Room Boats

Instead of static spaces, the unique sleeping areas in this hotel are dynamic vehicles you can use to depart the core structure in which you are staying.

Sleeping Around: Pop-Up Hotel in a Shipping Container

The Sleeping Around hotel is made from six reclaimed shipping containers, and can go nearly anywhere travelers like, from river banks to busy cities.

Exotic Green Getaway: Lush Villa Made of Local Materials

The Alila Villas in Bali blend modern and traditional architectural elements in a resort made of locally sourced materials, honoring the natural setting.

Hotel on Wheels: Portable Room Travels the World With You

Tired of searching for a hotel when you get to a new city? This room travels with you, opening up from a suitcase into a fully functional sleeping space.

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