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Great In The Sack: 15 Weird & Wonderful Shopping Bags

You want fun bags? Reach out & grab 'em: These 15 weird & wonderful shopping bag designs should satisfy the desires of any shopaholic or sacks addict.

Guerrilla Takeover: Activists Replace Ads with Art

Toronto activists took over illegal billboards and street advertisements, covering them with art, in an attempt to take back public space.

Bus Art & Guerilla Ads: Public Transportation with Style

Buses invite artists to decorate with beautiful murals and intricate displays of skill and attention. Here is some of the best bus art, and advertising, around:

Cigarette Advertising: A Vintage Look at Smoking Adverts

moking wasn't always unhealthy, at least, in the public eye. In light of societal changes, here are some of the most interesting vintage cigarette ads:

Illustrated Logos: Clever Ways of Bringing a Brand to Life

Nothing creates a memorable logo quite like illustrated graphics, forming a memorable impression with imagery that evokes what a brand is truly all about.

Logo Fail: 10 Ways to Avoid Making a Creative Logo

When logo design goes wrong, it's almost always due to at least one of these 10 fatal mistakes. Bad fonts and clip art are just the beginning.

15 Creative Custom Company & Business Logo Designs

The logo designs that really stand out manage to combine memorable branding with super-simple text & basic graphics that say so much in such a small package.

Women & the Home: Vintage Ads Probably Worth Forgetting

Here are nearly 40 alternately entertaining and shocking advertising examples culled from the golden age of magazine and newspaper advertising:

1920s Vintage Ads: Marketing in a Roaring Post-War World

Advertising in the 1920's reflected prosperity, optimism, and total trust in the power of science. Here are 40 ads that show a nation sprinting into the future:

Provocative Photography and Ads by Carioca Studio

What do bloody severed bunny heads, golden pig-men and children in chains have in common? They're all featured in the amazing photography of Carioca Studio.

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