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Resource Furniture: Convertible Designs for Small Spaces

Multifunctional and convertible furniture solutions from Resource Furniture unfold and expand in unexpected ways, fitting lots of function into tiny rooms.

13 DIY Pallet Projects To Load Your House With Charm

Pallets have become all the rage as the DIY crafting movement began utilizing pallets as the building blocks for creative weekend projects.

Don’t Trip: 4 Dizzying Rooms by 1 Surrealist Spatial Artist

Like some kind of strange spatial magician, Kyung Woo Han turns conventional furniture, fixtures, doors and windows into otherworldly scenes in crazy new ...

Roaringly Realistic Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera

A stunning series of sculptural animal chairs marries the awe-inspiring drama of elephants, rhinos, octopi and more to functional furniture in stylish black.

Absolutely Absurd: 18 Playful Furniture Pieces for All Ages

The humor starts with the name, but definitely does not end there. Straight Line Designs produces just about anything except works that are straightforward.

Live in a Bubble with the Cocoon 1 Room Pod

The transparent Cocoon 1 from Micasa Lab is a room within a room, containing a comfortable getaway space that is separate from a still-visible world.

Fantastic Floor Coverings: 13 Unusual Rug Designs

These 13 modern rug designs break out of the Oriental rectangle with unexpected patterns, perforations, prints and materials.

Rock n’ Knit: Low-Tech Chair-Powered Hat Factory

Rocking-Knit by students at Switzerland's ECAL university is a rocking chair that knits red beanie caps as you rock, making you part of a low-tech hat factory.

Wallpaper Paint Rollers: Cool & Classic Patterns, DIY Style

Wallpaper difficulties getting you down? These remarkable rollers can put patterns to paper, walls and fabrics, adding substantive decor to more than just mere ...

Home Mathematics: 12 Fractal Furniture & Architecture Designs

Repeating mathematical patterns show up in tables, LED lights, columns and large-scale architecture. Here are 12 examples of fractal-inspired design.

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