Bottle & Sell It: 14 Designer Bottles that Break the Mold

Last Drop

Designer Bottles Last Drop

Those last little bits of product are so hard to get out of pump bottles. ‘Last Drop’ eliminates that prelim by designing the bottom of the bottle in such a way that the final drops of liquid are stored in a sloped cone-shape so they’re easy to reach.

BV Dose-Control Bottle

Designer Bottles BV 2

It’s hard to squeeze out the perfect amount of dish soap, cleaners, shampoo and other liquids just using the pressure of your hands. The BV bottle by Lazar Ilic has a simple rotating inner cap that lets you chose the ‘dosage’.

Seeds in the Bottle: Doubles as a Planter

Designer Bottles Seeds
When you’re done drinking the water from the ‘Seeds in the Bottle’ concept by Yun Hwan Sung, just invert the bottle, fill it wit potting mix, and add water. Each water bottle can become a component of a miniature herb garden.

Dual-Opening Condiment Bottles

Designer Bottles Dual Opening

If you’ve got people in your household that insist on putting condiments with the cap on the bottom right-side up in the refrigerator, so that all of the liquid pools away from the cap, dual-opening condiment bottles might make sense. No matter which way you store it, that ketchup or mustard will always be easy to squeeze.

Wine in a Sleek Black Can

Designer bottles Wine Can

It’s becoming increasingly common to see wine sold in cans, which makes a lot of sense for camping and other recreational activities. But it’s too bad that all canned wine designs aren’t as sleek and nice-looking as this one by Jens Andersson and Jonas Forsman.

Life Paper Water Bottle

Designer Bottles Life Paper

One benefit of The Life paper water bottle is it comes with its own little strap, making it much easier to carry than a standard plastic bottle. It’s also easy to recycle, and uses no chemical ink or adhesives. Designed for Milano Expo 2015, these little cardboard canteens are easy to refill, and ideal for one-day events where attendees will have access to water fountains.

Easy Access Bottle Cap

Designer Bottles Easy Access Cap

Opening a plastic beverage bottle may not seem like that big of a deal to you, but for people with limited function in the hands, it can be near-impossible. The Easy Cap makes screwing and unscrewing the cap much smoother and simpler with just a tiny tweak in the shape.