Go Somewhere Else: 8 Abandoned Roadside Rest Stops

Reptile Stop

Texas roadsie park abandoned rattlesnakes sign(image via: Save Texas Roadside Parks)

Shouldn’t that sign read “LISTEN FOR RATTLESNAKES” or something? Just sayin’. In all seriousness, if you expect folks to stop & sit a spell in an area crawling with rattlers you might not be the right person to be entrusted with taxpayers’ money.

I’m A Bleibliever

abandoned rest stop Bleiblerville Texas(images via: Save Texas Roadside Parks)

Just in case you’re cycling through Bleiblerville, be advised there’s nary a Justin in sight. Credit Flickr user Caryn-C with the photos above, taken while stopped at an abandoned rest stop in “downtown” Bleiblerville.

Rest Stop Dead Ahead poster(image via: Vern’s Reviews)

Rest stops really don’t deserve their reputation for lewdness, luridness and general low-life-ness so why punish the majority for the sins of a few? In fact, if you’re gonna tarnish the hallowed institution of the Great American (and other) Rest Stop you can hold it right there… there’s probably another one just off the next exit ramp.