Chindogu: 14 Hilarious and Strange Japanese Inventions

Umbrella Tie

Chindogu Umbrella Tie

It’s a tie. It’s an umbrella. It’s going to put a bit of strain on your neck, but the security of knowing you’ll never mess up your hair in the rain will make it all worthwhile.

Ear Plug Earrings

Chindogu Ear Plug Earrings

Wearing these earrings might just serve as a warning to those around you that if they start to bore you with their irritating stories or demands that you file those TPS reports right away, you can block them out within seconds.

Splash Mask

Chindogu Splash Mask

Don’t you hate it when you’re consuming ramen with the fervor of a starving, rabid beast and hot broth splashes up into your hair? And then you walk around smelling like ramen. Well, the Splash Mask will take care of that problem.

Extendo Spoon

Chindogu Extender Spoon

Here’s an invention that’s truly almost useful – can’t you imagine needing something like this when camping, for example? The spoon extends so you can reach the bottom of a tall jar.

Napkin Pants

Chindogu Napkin Pants

Since you’re too lazy to use a real napkin anyway, you might as well spare your pants the grease marks and get yourself a pair of classy Napkin Pants.