Chindogu: 14 Hilarious and Strange Japanese Inventions

Easy Eye Drops Glasses

Chindogu Eye Drops Glasses

If your aim is lacking badly enough that you can’t handle administering eye drops to yourself, these funnel glasses will make the process idiot-proof.

Extra Nail

Chindogu Extra Nail

You can almost hear an infomercial excitedly telling you that you’ll never break another nail. Need to peel an orange? Open a letter? Pierce someone’s jugular? Why carry around ice picks or letter openers when you can wear a Halloween prop?

Chopsticks Fan

Chindogu Chopsticks Fan

The Chopsticks Fan: because sometimes, you really just can’t wait for your food to cool down to a temperature that won’t burn the skin off the roof of your mouth.

Booger Keeper

Chindogu Booger Keeper

Perhaps this is the alternative to the Toilet Roll Hat: plugs for your nostrils.

Handy Chopper

Chindogu Handy Chopper

Don’t cut your own fingertips off when you could sacrifice someone else’s.