Urban Apps: 13 Interactive City Maps, Tools & Guides

Catch a Ride – Lyft

Urban Apps Lyft Ride Sharing

Catching a quick and convenient ride is easier than ever with Lyft, an app that pairs riders with pre-screened community drivers. It’s cheaper than taking a cab, it’s an easy way to meet new people, and it helps reduce congestion on the road.

Contribute to Local Info – GeoData Extension

Urban Apps Wiki 1

Urban Apps Wiki 2

GeoData Extension is a Wikipedia app for iPhones and Andriods that enables users to geo-tag articles, add photos, and submit new information. It also makes it easy to find points of interest nearby, with an interactive map that will take you on a virtual tour.

Play a Fantasy Game – Shadow Cities

Urban Apps Shadow Cities

If real life is just boring compared to the fantasy role-playing games you play online, you can extend that world into your actual surroundings. Shadow Cities turns your neighborhood into a “magical battleground” wherein you go exploring, hunt down rogue spirits, and obtain new spells as you level.

Paint Your City – Tagtool

Urban Apps Tagtool

Urban Apps Tagtool 2

Paint your city with light and record the results with Tagtool, a fun iPad app that enables you to create your own animations and project them onto urban surfaces. You can even collaborate with another user to create interactive light shows for a crowd. An AV adapter brings the fun inside, if you’d rather just play around at home.