Dental Nightmare: 17 Truly Terrifying Tooth-Related Objects

5 Terrifying Dental Torture Devices

Creepy Dental Antique Tools

For those of us accustomed to the comforts of modern medicine – like, oh, anesthesia – the dental days of yore sound like absolute torture. And they probably were. Just look at these five antique dental tools, including one of the oldest known dental drills, a wind-up drill and super fancy-looking forceps. Too bad pretty engraving wasn’t enough to distract patients from the terror of seeing these instruments enter their mouths.

Denture Bracelets

Creepy Dental Denture Bracelet

You, too, could have your very own denture bracelet (or denture hair comb!). Sold by Etsy seller Concave Oblivion for $135, the bracelet is disturbingly realistic.

Human Tooth Jewelry by Polly van der Glas

Creepy Dental Teeth Jewelry

Jeweler Polly van der Glas of Australia sterilizes human teeth and then uses them in place of precious stones in a series of necklaces and rings. “Teeth are particularly difficult to come by, so any donations are gratefully accepted,” she writes on her website.

2 Tooth Mugs

Creepy Dental Tooth Mug 1

Creepy Dental Tooth Mug 2

Ceramists Jason Kishell and Lily Su both create teeth mugs that are creepy in their own ways. Kishell’s mugs feature unsettling grins, while Su’s is a 3D-printed replica of teeth around the edge of the mug, providing a very unpleasant sensation of teeth against teeth while drinking. Says Su, “Why is it that we find the cup so unappetizing? Could it have originated from survival tactics where we relate our proximity to another’s teeth as a threat of life, a reminder of predator and prey, poison and contamination? Is this object then successful in its design to prevent gluttonous behavior should food and drink only be offered in the cup?”