Wearable Tech of the (Distant) Future: 13 Sci-Fi Suits

Tech Glove by John Gavin

Imaginary Wearable Tech Glove

What, exactly does this tech glove do with all of those tiny springs and buttons? Artist John Gavin doesn’t say, but it’s kind of fun to imagine.

G Suit by Long Ou Yang

Imaginary Wearable Tech G Suit

Another suit with a dizzying array of tiny parts includes some kind of central core and a helmet that would appear to block the vision of a human, making us wonder what, exactly, is underneath.

Telecom Helmet Concept by Joe Petersen

Imaginary Wearable Tech Telecom Helmet

Artist Joe Petersen has created this rendering of a ‘Telecom Optical’ helmet, which presumably augments the wearer’s vision.

H.ARM Suit by Eliott Lilly

Imaginary Wearable Tech Harm Suit

“The H.ARM suit is a robotic load-bearing exoskeleton designed to deliver heavy munitions into any theater of operation,” says artist Elliot Lilly. “Because of its relatively small size it is not only lighter, ‘quieter’, and more energy efficient than most mechas, but it offers major advantages to war fighters in confined urban areas.”

NASA Astronaut Space Suit by Alexandre Ferra

Imaginary Wearable Tech NASA 1

Imaginary Wearable Tech NASA 2

Astronauts would look a hell of a lot cooler if they were all wearing these incredible black space suits designed by artist Alexandre Ferra.