Submarine Structures: 7 Wonders of Underwater Architecture

Poseidon Resorts, Fiji

Underwater Poseidon Resort 1

Underwater Poseidon Hotels 2

Another submerged hotel set to open sometime soon is the Poseidon Undersea Resort, located 40 feet under the surface of a lagoon off a private island in Fiji. The hotel will host 25 underwater suites, a restaurant, bar, gym and wedding chapel as well as 51 additional above-water rooms. Guests (paying upwards of $15,000 per week) will have access to four personal submarines to explore the area.

Aquarius Reef Base, Florida Keys

Underwater Reef Base Aquarius

The world’s only operational underwater research habitat, the federally owned Aquarius Reef Base, almost became another abandoned relic when budget cuts laid off the staff and the facility went up for sale. An effort to save Aquarius included a mission led by renowned ocean explorer Sylvia Earle. Thankfully, Florida International University took over, and in November, Fabian Cousteau – grandson of Jacques – will begin a record-breaking 31-day mission at the facility.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key West

Underwater Jules Diving Resort

While the reef base isn’t open to the public, another underwater attraction in the Florida Keys is: the Jules Undersea Lodge, which also started out as a research habitat. Guests must be dive-certified, scuba diving 21 feet under the surface and entering through an opening in the bottom. It’s a relatively small hotel suite, but the experience of sleeping underwater makes up for the lack of luxury (and the dated decor.)