Underground but Overboard: 15 Extreme Subway Stations

Kievskaya, Moscow

Amazing Subway Stations Kievskaya

Another highly decorative subway station in Moscow is Kievskaya, which opened in 1954 with large mosaics and gold-painted trim.

Metro Center Station, Washington D.C.

Amazing Subway Stations Washington Metro

America isn’t exactly known for having a great subway system, let alone architecturally impressive stations – it’s all pretty utilitarian – but Metro Center Station in Washington, D.C. is a notable exception.

St. Quirin-Platz, Munich


A glittering shell-shaped glass dome makes for a dramatic entrance to the St. Quirin-Platz subway station in Munich.

Pyongyang Metro, North Korea

Amazing Subway Stations Pyongyang
The old East German subway cars (complete with their original German graffiti) aren’t the only curious sight at the Pyongyang metro station in North Korea; it’s also full of propaganda murals. Foreign visitors can’t ride the metro – if you manage to take a trip to this reclusive communist nation, you’ll have to see it on an official tour.

Arts et Metiers, Paris

Amazing Subway Stations Paris Arts Et Metiers

Located just under the Musee des Arts et Metiers (the Arts and Crafts Museum) in Paris is this cool station, reminiscent of a submarine with copper walls and porthole-like windows.